I was interested in teaching my kid to code, and I wasn’t fond of any of the programming systems I knew for this purpose, so I create a small, simple programming system:

So why mscript?

  1. It is designed for learning to program, not for meaningful work, so it does not need to implement a vast runtime to cover the day-to-day needs of real programming
  2. It is line-based, like VBScript, not free form, keeping the syntax simple and limiting the nature and scope of things that can go wrong
  3. There are only a few statemetnt and data types, keeping the focus on simple programming

For technical details on the mscript programming system, visit the Programming page.

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Just put the finishing touches on the introductory video, so mscript is ready for the world. Yay! I hope mscript helps all the software developers out there have a good tool for teaching others how to develop software. I started with C++. C++!!! Today that seems unconscionable. Now they start them with Python… Later IContinue reading “1.0!”

Hello World!

This is my first blog post…ever! What fun! Seriously, I’ll use this blog to comment on the development of the mscript programming system. I hope this system will be valuable for parents and kids. We shall see…

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